Speaking linkfest

by Scott | 4/22/2009

I read tons and tons of public speaking this and that, and I’ll give you the best stuff I find each week:

2 Responses to “Speaking linkfest”

  1. Denise Graveline Says:

    Thanks for linking to my post on “stepping stones for public speaking practice”–and, while I agree with you that many panels are disastrous, I think you missed my point. Many novice speakers are just looking for brief opportunities to speak, not *any* opportunity, so that’s what my post was designed to suggest. And expertise is no guarantee of a speaking opportunity, for many would-be speakers.

  2. Elana Visagie Says:

    Here is a really practical article about public speaking that has helped me quite a bit… http://blog.changethis.com/changethis_newsletter/2009/05/5806-before-you-open-your-mouth-the-keys-to-great-public-speaking-by-nick-morgan.html

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