Hire Me

I’m hired to speak at events large and small, and to run workshops for creative and hi-tech teams. Things I’m paid to do include:

1) High energy talks

You pick the topic, and I deliver an entertaining, passionate, highly interactive 60 or 90 minute session. (Many sample videos and podcasts here)

2) Workshops & courses

For smaller groups (10-20), I teach 4 hour workshops, or 8 hour courses, on many topics. Focus is on situations, discussions, and exercises (less lecture, more learning).

3) Expert review / Consulting

Borrow my brain to review and advise on whatever it is you are working on now, or whatever problem keeps you up at night. I’m an expert on management, product design, creative thinking and user experience design.

Folks use me for brainstorming, advice, design review, mentoring, either in person or on the phone. If I’ve written about it, I can consult on it.

Sample Topics: Management

  • Leading breakthrough projects
  • How to manage innovation
  • The truth about schedules / shipping on time
  • How to manage smart people
  • How to make good decisions
  • Surviving and thriving w/organizational politics
  • Mistakes managers make
  • Mastering visions and specifications
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Advanced topics in project management

Sample Topics: Design / UX

  • Creative thinking and brainstorming
  • Dynamics of UI Design and Project management
  • The effective designer / usability engineer
  • Mastering design process
  • Influence and politics
  • Mistakes usability engineers make
  • Integrating design and software development
  • Strategic Usability / Strategic interaction design
  • How to manage the UX group

I’m interested – What’s next?

Make contact. I’ll follow up quickly and and see if your needs, budget and
timing match mine.

If not, I’ll do my best to put you in contact with someone that might match.